Admissions List for the High Level Industrial Professionals Cultivation Program 2022 as of November 16, 2022

The application and interview process for the doctoral talent program has not yet ended. If you are a doctorate holder interested in the program, welcome to send your application. The selection process for the program is as follows:

  • Step one: Please complete the online registration form first (the document is the only basis for a doctoral candidate to be accepted by a training unit). After submitting the form, the program office will send a hard copy of the registration form by AR registered post to the mailing address provided.
  • Step two: You can send an email with your resume to the training unit's contact officer regarding the specific vacancy you are interested in and communicate with the contact officer through the phone to discuss an interview
  • Step three: If you get the position, submit your registration form to the respective training unit and the admission process will be completed.
  • The program office wishes you the best in the selection process.


The admissions list as of November 16, 2022 is as follows:


  1. [Industrial Technology Research Institute] (Three applicant has been selected) Hitesh Dommati、Mohiuddin Mohammed、Adibhatla venkatAni
  2. [Development Center for Biotechnology] (One applicant has been selected) Ashutosh Singh
  3. [Metal Industries Research & Development Centre] (Two applicant has been selected) 阮○玲、盧○博
  4. [National Applied Research Laboratories] (Two applicant has been selected, one vacancies left) PHAN TAN PHAT、Kefyalew Dagnew Addisu
  5. [National Chung Hsing University] (Four applicant has been selected) Husam Almaghalsah、THUL MAYUR PERMDAS、Yun Le、Herta Sipayung
  6. [National Cheng Kung University] (Two applicant has been selected) Adel Shaaban Awad Elsharkawi、Navdeep Kaur
  7. [National Tsing Hua University] (Three applicant has been selected) Arpita Samanta Santra、Nikhil Pathak、PANJA AVIJIT
  8. [National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University] (Two applicant has been selected)顏○智、李○霖
  9. [National Taiwan University] (Three applicant has been selected)黃○薇、湯淺○美、Tapiwa Blessing Matanhire


Note: The No.40 admissions list is expected to be announced on November 22, 2022